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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Don't Be Sad ...

Sheikh A'id Al- Qarni gives us this advice . Read this and dont be sad :)

If you are stricken by poverty , others are chained in debt .
If you dont have shoes , others have no feet .
If you feel pain now , others have been aching for years .
If your son die , others have lost many .
If you have sinned , then repent .
If you had commited a mistake , correct it .
The doors of repentance are over open .
the fountain of forgiveness is ever rich .
So , dont be sad :)
Let all bygones be bygones .
What is predestined for you , you shall see it .
Being sad will change anything .
So , dont be sad .
Sadness spoils your life , destroys your happiness and turns it into wretchedness .
So , dont be sad .
Supplication is your shield . Prayer is your beacon .
Prostration is your means .
So , dont be sad .
See how vast is the earth . How nice the gardens and the forests . How brights are the stars .
ALL are happy but YOU are sad .
So , dont be sad .
You have sweet water to drink , freash air to breath , feet to walk with .
You sleep safely on your bed .
So , why you sad ?
Every cloud has a silver lining .
After long nights , comes bright sun .
Life will soon give you smile .
So , be ready to grab it !
Real life is that spent with happiness .
So cross out your sad days from your age .
Peace of mind is the real treasures .
There are many who has less than us and who are going through more than us .
Let us all sit and reflect and praise and give thanks to Allah for all of the blessings we have , all the good that have been given to us .


♥ Setiap yang baik itu datangnya dari Allah, manakala yang buruk datang dari hamba-Nya sendiri. :) ♥

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